Parkeon Parking app Whoosh!

Parkeon Parking app Whoosh!

Benefits for operators
Fully integrates into existing Parkeon and non-Parkeon parking infrastructure
Interfaces with Parkeon’s P&D, ANPR and Pay on Foot parking solutions
Complements other payment methods, offering motorists maximum conveniene and choice
Variable tariff capability for different registered user groups, e.g. residents, visitors, carers, etc
Offers remote tariff configuration
Supports incremental hourly, daily, weekly and monthly tariffs, as well as annual permits
Mobile payment data reconciled alongside other payment methods via Parkeons’ Parkfolio system
Whoosh! supports
Whoosh! is available for iPhone and Android operating systems
Whoosh! enables motorists to pay for their parking online or via their mobile phone
Convenience for drivers
Offers an additional, convenient choice of cashless parking payment
Supports payments via mobile APP or web
Available to account holders and non-account holders
Provides a secure and convenient means of paying for parking
Text alerts sent for top-ups in advance of expiration period

Download the application on Android and iPhone or access the application through Whooshstore

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