ARH LetUGo system

ARH LetUGo system

Function List

Basic functionality Automated gate control:
number plate is read when a vehicle arrives to the checkpoint
number plate is evaluated from database blacklist and whitelist management
Parking lot support The system offers a parking fee calculation when a vehicle leaves the area
Number of checkpoints Scalable, 1 to 4 cameras can be connected
Supported plate types Number plate recognition for different countries and character types are supported:
all latin, arabic, chinese, cyrillic, korean, thai
User management Different user privileges can be set: user and group handling
Supported languages Default interface language: English
LetUgo interface can be easily turned into any languages in latin characters
Triggering When an external device (e.g. loop) detects the arrival of a vehicle, it sends a signal through the camera to the system that executes the entire access control procedure
Permission management Number plates can be categorized
Blacklist and whitelist management
Warning is raised upon unauthorized activity
Logging Every event is archived in a log file
Alarm is raised upon error

Technical parameters

Trigger & control Hardware trigger: can be connected to the camera through its input port (e.g. loop controller)
Gate control command: signal can be sent through the output port of the camera
Data im csv support
Blacklists and whitelists can be imported.

Simple installation architecture

Connections Camera connected to the PC via IP Ethernet connection
Gate is controlled directly from the camera output port
Any kind of detection sensor can be connected directly to the camera input port (optional)

System requirements

Operating System Windows XP SP3 or Windows7
Trigger Hardware (external) I/O, connected to the camera
PC Intel P4 2GHz or better, 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for Win7) 30GB HDD, USB 2.0 port
Video HD Ready (1366×768), or Full HD (1920×1080) monitor, minimum 64MB dedicated video memory
LAN 100Mbit/sec or better LAN connection
Ethernet switch in case of more than one cameras

LetUgo introduction PDF eng

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